1914 S. Broadway Avenue
Red and White     Grizzlies

Garfield Elementary School buildingA map of early school districts indicates that Garfield was part of District No. 9 which was the Holcomb District. Garfield was annexed into the Boise School District in 1910.  The building stood north of the present building across Boise Avenue.  The old school was torn down in the early 1950's.  Most of the Boise schools were north of the Boise River in the early years.

The second Garfield was constructed in 1927 at the present site.  The main building was a two-story building with a basement.  There were eight classrooms as the school housed grades one through eight.  The growth of the South Boise area in the 1940's deemed it necessary to add onto Garfield.

Superintendent Zed L. Foy's annual report in 1949 stated the addition to Garfield School, which was soon to be contracted, would furnish 21 modern classrooms.  This would provide enough room for the immediate future and make possible the abandonment of old Garfield. Old Garfield was to be sold at the end of the school year 1949.

The additions were the gym and the present cafeteria and all the rooms on the north end of the building.  These additions seemed to be adequate for a while.  Then came the 1960's with all those special programs, plus kindergarten in the early 1970's.  Space was needed.  Every nook and cubbyhole would be used to house reading teachers, special education, tutors, volunteers and other programs such as instrumental music.  The stage was sealed off to make a classroom.

The area's growth saw the portable classrooms line up on the south side of the main building and along the north portion of the playground to house students. 

Liberty School was built in 1984 to relieve crowding at Garfield.